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  • Cancer Treatment
  • Kidney Dialysis & Transplantation
  • Medicine to needy patient
  • Wheel chair, Sewing machine, Hath Lari, Protein Powder
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Founder Donor Late Smt. Ushaben Rasiklal Shaw ((1923 – 2008))

Smt. Ushaben Rasiklal Shaw Digvijay Lions Dardi Sahayak Trust, established in 1994-1995, carries out its work at the Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

The Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, is one of biggest hospitals in entire Asia. It serves the patients coming from all over Gujarat and other states of India. There is a huge turnover of patients daily and this goes on increasing day by day. Currently the Trust carries out work from the office provided by Lions Club of Digvijaynagar, in Vishranti Gruh situated just opposite Gate No. 3 of the hospital.

This Trust provides medicines and deficit funds to patients undergoing surgery, and prosthesis to needy patients in Paraplegia hospital. We also take care of Kidney hospital patients undergoing kidney transplant. These patients, while waiting for approximately 6 months to get a matching kidney for transplant, have to undergo dialysis twice or thrice a week. Dialysis cost is very high and we manage to fully reimburse patients for the dialysis treatment. The cost of this project comes to Rs. 4 to 5 lacs per year.

Founder Donor Late Shree R M Shaw ((1918 – 1986))

In addition, we also take care of patients undergoing heart valve surgery, bypass, stent implant, and other surgeries in the cardiac unit. Besides, patients undergoing surgery in cancer ward and post-surgery radiation and chemotherapy treatment are taken care of by the Trust.

Besides, new-born children, neonatal care, and children suffering from Gullian Barre Syndrome (GBS) are given treatment. The Gullian Barre Syndrome patients need special expensive injections called immunoglobulin. The Trust has provided these costly injections to 25 children suffering from GB Syndrome and all patients have been saved.

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